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VISUAL DIARY | Ann Demeulemeester Fetish

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VISUAL DIARY | Ann Demeulemeester Fetish

Diana Rovanio

 Words by Diana Rovanio

Good fashion is like rock music:
all anarchy and revolt.
— Ann Demeulemeester

How to bare it all with class.

It's not an easy feat to mix transparency, leather and spikes. This collection proves that it is possible to mix all the three elements and still maintaining elegance. though I am not sure I can rock any of the transparent top in daily life, I do like a lot of the pieces of this collection. When the collection is broken down, there are numerous interesting tailored pants, coats and accessories (like the magnificent full-on spike necklace) that I wouldn't mind adding into my closet.

I have always been a fan of the minimalist and gothic elegance aesthetic of Ann Demeulemeester brand. Actually I remembered a trip to Antwerp where I visited one of the vintage stores and found a beautiful Ann Demeulemeester dress which was unfortunately a size too small (imagine the heartbreak) I if I could compress myself into the dress, trust me, I would have done it. For those of you who might not be familiar with the brand here is a little recap of the brand:

Demeulemeester was one of the Antwerp Six, the wave of Belgian designers that revolutionised fashion in 1986 and have thrown open the floodgates of creativity since then. Her voice was always strong and unique and has influenced many designers that came after her. She has been a fixture of the Paris fashion weeks since her first women’s show in 1992 (she began showing menswear alongside her womenswear in 1996 and began showing the men’s separately in 2006). Demeulemeester was one of the first designers who has made cultural influences such as punk and rock music, and gothic and romantic poetry the centrepiece of her oeuvre, paving the way for designers like Raf Simons and Rick Owens. She has always preferred quiet evolution of her signature style to jumping from theme to theme.
— Eugene Rabkin, Business Of Fashion, 20/11/2-13

What impressed me- looking at the models going down the runway, is the contrast of each look. strong and tough despite the delicacy that the materials suggest (well except probably the piece with so many spikes on it, which I titled the rockstar porcupine). The leather straps made me think of a fetish vibe. I also love the attention to detail in the back, espescially on the dresses (warning, these are word comingfrom an addict of coats open back dresses- this opinion might not be objective ;)). The impression that left me was that these women though bare, wore their clothes and their body as an armor.

Watching how the clothes are layered made me think of incorporating some sheer into my wardrobe. :) What about you? what are your thoughts on mixing sheer materials into your outfit? any tips would be welcome! <3 

till next adventure!

All Images & video by Diana Rovanio. All Rights Reserved