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VISUAL DIARY | Barbara Bui Seductive Warriors

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VISUAL DIARY | Barbara Bui Seductive Warriors

Diana Rovanio

Drama on seating row, uncrossing your legs and clicking lens in lightning paces.

Words by Diana Rovanio

The Barbara Bui Fashion show was held in Grand Palais, one of the most prime location for fashion shows in Paris, coveted by many prestigious brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and the whole couture gang. I managed to get into the show by pure luck. Earlier during the day, I attended the Ann Demeulemeester fashion show. As I was waiting for the show to start, I started chatting with a gentleman next to me. It turned out that he was a good friend of Elina Halimi; fashion stylist, blogger, and owner of Kabuki concept store in Paris. She also works closely to the Barbara Bui brand. The nice gentleman introduced us and invited me to come to the Barbara Bui show with them.

After passing through the long queue, we finally arrived inside the venue. Excitement filled the air as journalists, bloggers and buyers alike took their seats. As I was taking my seat, a mini-drama unfold before me.

A: "Excuse me, but you are not supposed to sit here."

B: Ah.. but There are still some spaces left to sit no? (an audacious answer, so wrongly placed)

A: "Please Move!!! This seat is for the Korean Press and my colleague is arriving shortly!! - while showing the invitation with the corresponding seat number.

Ah yes, fashion can be tough. Girl 2 has violated one of the non-spoken rules of a fashion show; Thou shall not sit until all the invitees sat down (and for your own sake, try to be 100 percent sure of it). Also, if ever this situation shall occur, do not argue. It's better to apologize and find a different spot. The light dimmed and the famous "Uncross your legs!!" shouts from the pit photographer to remind everyone in the first row that their dangling stilettos are not welcome in the pictures. (we'll talk more about fashion etiquettes on my next post).

The Barbara Bui show has the most upbeat music of all the shows I attended so far. The models stormed the catwalk with a fierce warrior stomp making the fabric move beautifully. Colors of pink ,violet and brown were gliding off the runway. High intensity of concentration is definitely needed for those of us who are taking pictures . Notably the photographic skill to match their lightning paces.


Afterwards, I managed to get inside the private after-show cocktail. The sun was shining beautifully from the roof of Grand Palais. Hordes of journalists were taking pictures of Asian Bloggers, celebrities and editors. Barbara Bui herself was interviewed by different journalists. It was a great event and a great collection. The crowd slowly dispersed. Some of the makeup artists stayed behind and discussed the show while I slipped away to my next adventure.

stay tuned for more!

All Images & Video by Diana Rovanio. All rights reserved.