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The Sound of COS

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The Sound of COS

Diana Rovanio

How does sound appears visually?

We like to strip an idea to the bone and make it shine
— Lernert & Sander, interview with 'It's Nice That', 22/10/15

Today I would like to share with you one of my all-time favorite video installation. It is done by artists and filmmakers Lernert & Sander.  For those of you who are interested in the field of Artistic Direction, you should definitely check out their work. In this era of cheap tricks and sexualization in marketing. The Dutch duo breaks out of the box with their simplistic ingenious ideas. *They produce high conceptual art films, eye-catching installation, with a keen fashion aesthetic.*

© Lernert & Sander

Take this concept of visualizing sound, for example; It showed how the imagination and what we perceive as 'sound' can be derived from so many different sources that are distilled into one. Each element complements each other, from the styling, the installation and the scenario. What I love about their work is also their sense of humor and their sharp execution. Minimalist and clever, It draws the eye to each detail and shows the true power of an idea.

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Sampai Jumpa, À bientôt, Until the next adventure!

Words by Diana Rovanio, all Images ©Lernert & Sander

To find out more about their work click here