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Diana Rovanio

Main image and image above © La Garçonnière

Words & Images by Diana Rovanio

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Last night I attended the Food, Drinks & Shopping soirée hosted by La Garçonnière ; one of the new hot spot in Paris! This concept store geared towards the modern gentlemen has a lot to offer, appeasing both your fashion and your taste (buds) palette.

La Garçonnière often hosts interesting events in their store. The theme this time around is "Foodies night"! So naturally, my perpetually hungry self (my alter ego, also known as "The hungry panda") directed my path immediately to the event. I mean who can say no to food, drinks, and shopping all in one? Not to mention Men-spotting (hey, it is a concept store for MEN ;)) andfeeling fancy in a beautiful concept store.

At the door, the delicious selections of Terrines by Superproducteur  were inviting me to come in. The paprika one / Crème fine de poivrons was my fave - it is also French artisanal creation (bonus points for my hipsterpiration) !

The list continues with delicious Charcuterie, sealed and approved by Federation Française de la Charcuterie, stylish jams by Confiture Parisienne, and fresh Cider by Appie. The Freshly pressed juice by Lemon was so popular that evening that they already ran out by the time I stepped my foot in the boutique. This must be due to the summer weather that started to invade Paris these past 2 days (Finally!).

to top it all off,  an unusual tasting of Beer-Cookie Pairing / Whisky-Cookie pairing were created especially for the event!

The excellent cookies are creations of Jean Hwang Carrant (Look out for more about this wonderful lady and her TO DIE FOR cookies on the blog!). What's really cool is that they also created special pairings for the tasting.

© Jean Hwang Carrant

© Jean Hwang Carrant

© Jean Hwang Carrant

Porter Beer from BU - Brew Unique X Jean Hwang Carrant Cookie : 

made with spent grain and Canadian maple syrup, recycling spent grain into delicious cookies! Yum!


Whisky by Paris Liquor Store X Jean Hwang Carrant Cookie

Le Smoky : Guanaja 70% Valrhona smoked chocolate cookie and grué de cacao. Oh so delicious!

I was told to start with the beer pair and finish with the whisky pair.  In France,  Wine pairing is often proposed to bring out the flavours of certain food. Beer and cookie are not normally the first combo that comes to mind when you think of taste pairing. However, this marriage of Porter beer and the Beer cookie surprisingly complements each other well, apparently, Brew Unique ale chemist - Michael Gilmore and Jean from Jean Hwang Carrant cookies collaborate together to create the pairing. The Beer brand was dubbed La Garçonbière in honor of the event. What is also cool is the 'green touch' of the confection of the cookie. It uses the spent grain from the beer as part of the cookie ingredient- turning waste into deliciousness. After a quick bite (continued with attacking the rest of the cookie and beer in tandem), I have the impression that the cookie actually brings out the subtlety of the flavour of the beer.

On the Whisky version, it was the opposite. After tasting the first bite, I found that the Whisky actually enhances the smokiness of the cookie. It was such a nice sensation, it's very pleasant to taste the flavour of the whisky and the smoky-chocolaty taste of the cookie with its chewy-crunchy texture. I paired the sexy cookie: "Le Smoky" with award-winning "Big Peat" whisky from Scotland (the one on the far right of the three whisky bottle on the mozaic of picture above) It was smooth and fiery, Great Scot!

La Garconnière's facade at night | © Diana Rovanio

 La Garçonnière hosted a wonderful apéro and I can't wait to see what they will come up next. After this experience, I can confirm that their épicerie corner is definitely one not to be missed! Check out their website for new stylish goods and events!

Curious on how the concept store started and the workings of La Garçonnière?  Don't miss the interview with one of the founders of La Garçonnière next week on the blog!

What other unusual food and drink pairing have you tried before? I would be curious to know! Don't hesitate to comment below!

'Till next post! | Sampai posting berikutnya | À la prochaine!