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Diana Rovanio

Darkness and light weave perfectly with the contrast of textures in this captivating visual. 

Through Philip Lim's eyes and the crafty direction of Andrew Paynter, we get to see the conundrum of his 3 modern men making their way through the urban landscape in a poetic contemplation. 

We’re always trying to get a mental picture of the man we’re designing for,” he says. “But he’s a little bit of a mystery; we only get glances. This film is our attempt to capture that experience of seeing someone in snatches.
— Philip Lim

Since I first laid eyes on this video, it  moved me through its simplicity and its beauty. The subject of Architecture and Fashion is a time-tested match and it returns again and again in continuity. Maybe because our clothes are part of the architecture of our lives. It has its own role in shaping the so-called lines and pathways of our growth and how we express our personality to the world.

It brings out thoughts on  how far  do our environment influence us and the moment we consciously choose to break away from the norms of these lines. In life we each cross the point  where we are faced with these three options: Do we blend in, Do we command the spotlight or Do we disappear entirely to emerge as a different person?

For now, as our gaze follows each of his muses, these little details weaved together creates a visual symphony, leaving us hungry to capture glances of his elusive personas.


words by Diana Rovanio


The beautiful music is "Paganini Rocks" - Tom Hodge remix

Hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to leave any comments below